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Inspired by tank art in the 60’s our Renegade Classics clowns are some of the most original designs available.  Painted by Suzie K. Shinseki who lives in Fresno, CA, this clown art is made into great limited edition t-shirts that collectors love to own.  Suzie creates one new clown design each year (no she doesn’t do drugs).  If you are at the Sturgis Rally drop by our buildings and pick up a wild and crazy clown t-shirt for yourself.  

All of our clown artwork is copyrighted and the exclusive property of Renegade Classics Inc.

1999 Flame Skull Clown
2000 Green Spike Clown
1999 Flame Skull Clown
1999 Flame Skull
2000 Green Spike
2001 Ringmaster

2002 Uncle Sam Clown
2003 Bad Bozo Clown
2004 Egghead Clown
2002 Uncle Sam
2003 Bad Bozo
2004 Egghead

2005 Mr. Sneaky Clown
2006 Cowboy Clown
2007 Big Boss Clown
2005 Mr. Sneaky
2006 Cowboy
2007 Big Boss

2008 Undertaker Clown
2009 Lucky Clown
2010 Clown
2008 Undertaker
2009 Lucky
2010 Sturgis

2009 Lucky Clown
2012 Spike Clown
2011 Stitches
2012 Spike

Renegade Classics Clowns
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